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Crossing From Spain to Morocco

Frequently asked questions


Morocco and Spain are now both on the same time zone. The GMT + 1 has been recently adopted in Morocco; which means that both countries now are on the same timing.

Ferry Departures

It is recommended that you take the fast ferry, which you can add as an extra to the tour. You will be booked with the FRS ferry company, which are known for their regular ferries that run around the year.

Ferry schedule

When booking the round trip ferry tickets, the common schedule is taking the 9 am ferry from Spain. However, there are ferries every two hours during the high season.

In case of any last minute changes or cancellations please contact +212 618 50 40 30. It is recommended that you arrive to the terminal 1 hour ahead of the ferry departure.

How to retrieve your tickets

In your confirmed booking form, you will receive a reservation number for the ferry. You will use the number at the FRS office in the ferry Terminal in Tarifa in order to get your round trip ferry tickets.

Address  and contact of Tarifa Port:

Puerto de Tarifa, Avenida de las Fuerzas Armadas,

13, 11380 Tarifa/ España.

Tel:  +34 95658 5400

Fax: +34 95658 5443

Can you tell us about the food?

Delicious, rich and colorful spices are ruling in Morocco. The food is well dressed and varies according to the regions. The vegetables and fruits are fresh and full of flavors.

The meals usually consist of different courses; an appetizer, a main course and desert. The starters or appetizers are mainly salads or soups depending on the season. For the main course, Tajine, Couscous and many other options can be presented. Desert is usually the seasonal fruits.

Immigration and customs

While on the ferry from Spain, you shall stamp your passports inside by the Moroccan authority. You will hear an announcement informing you of this procedure. Usually it is hard to follow with. If you did not stamp your passport whil on the ferry, that would results in a delay when you arrive to Tangier.

How to meet us

Your guide will be meeting you at the port of Tangier holding a placard that has your name on it. There multiple guides with the name Aziz. My full name is Aziz Benami.